Monday, August 31, 2009

Angel and doves tattoo

Angel-and-doves-tattoo, originally uploaded by The Tattoo Studio.

wow, great job

Will's Tattoo

Will's Tattoo, originally uploaded by Chicka' Dee.

this cross in nice colors

Religious tattoo

Religious tattoo, originally uploaded by RaghavTayal.

cool colors and perfect placed

Jesus Cross Black Shade tattoo dublin ireland

nice design, great tattoos

Old school religious tattooed

by johannes skindeeplove, if you are interested in getting tattooed or a design drawn out please contact me through website :

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jesus tattoo

for sure this Jesus tattoo will looks great in arms

blood tears

Blood-and-roses-Tattoo, originally uploaded by The Tattoo Studio.

the artist know how to design, great job

Isis tattoo

Isis tattoo, originally uploaded by Beetlejess™.

looks very good in girls back

Rosary beads and praying hands Tattoo

remarkable tattoos works

Abstract Religion Tattoo

Abstract Religion Tattoo, originally uploaded by RaghavTayal.

this tattoo will be looks very great in arm
with dark ink tattoo